Splenda is Safe, Ignore the Fake Doctors

I hate fake doctors, they annoy me so much. You know the people with the Ph.D. from the school of Hard-knocks on alternative healing and natural health?

Here is a general rule for everyone. Only accept scientific information from a scientist. Someone who has actually done research using a rigorous application of the scientific method in their life. Someone who understands what cum hoc is and what it is a fallacy.

Anyways, so these bozos say things like Splenda has chlorine atoms in it, and chlorine is bad, dangerous, a chemical weapon, etc etc.

I’m sorry, but that is just retarded. You know what one of the most toxic and dangerous atoms is? Oxygen. We breathe it in. Do you know how dangerous it is though? Hydrogen too, which we drink. Do you know something you eat every day has chlorine in it? Don’t panic now, but you call it “salt” but technically it is sodium chloride.

The fake doctors like to cite things like a study showing a decrease in the thymus in rats (an organ that usually shrinks by adult hood anyways). The dose required to get this result is 17,000 Splenda packets per day for 30 days.

Did you know you can overdose on water? Did you know you can OD on bananas? Bananas are actually pretty easy to OD on, and you don’t need to eat 17,000 of them.

Practically anything we eat can be dangerous if we overdo it to such a ridiculous degree. Just keep your splenda intake to under 10,000 packets a day and you’ll be safe. Sheesh.

Then they blame it all on corporate marketing and they say “Look at aspartame, people started drinking it and we all got fatter.” A great example of the cum hoc fallacy I mentioned above.

Here is the truth. The fake doctors need to pay their bills. No one goes to an alterative healer, nutritionist, hippy mumbo jumbo person, unless they have been scared away from real solutions. Fear generates business. This happens in many industries, where beliefs trump science, and it is profitable for the practitioners. They like to say the “big bad corporations” are just greed motivated, but all their fear mongering over safe substances is just their own greed trying to drum up business. That is the sorry truth, it is all about money for them, and they want you to be afraid so you’ll come to their seminar or buy their diet or whatever.

They’ll also recommend natural, and imply that natural means safe. This is not the case, cocaine is natural, heroine is natural, nightshade is natural, hemlock is natural. Natural things can kill you.

The truth is, “all natural” means something did not have to undergo rigorous scientific testing or meet FDA approval before making it on to your shelves. A manufacturer may claim their “all natural” product is safe and tested, but there is no law holding them to that claim, no government agency, no regulation. And as such there is no requirement that their testing is done in a scientifically legitimate manner.

I use Splenda in my cooking. I’d rather use pure sucralose, which is concentrated and doesn’t have filler but only commercial producers get that, us regular folks buy Splenda with filler that feeds gut bacteria causing gas, which is really the only side effect from it. I recommend you do like me, and not let the fake doctors scare you.


  1. Fake Doctor says:

    Take it from a real fake doctor. Artificial sweeteners will kill you. Use stevia (not fake stevia) instead.

  2. Considering you do not claim to be a “real doctor” yourself, and yet you are trashing “fake doctors”, I would like to know…what exactly do you consider yourself? I am not saying you are wrong or right about splenda, that isn’t for me to tell because I am neither “fake” nor “real” dr. myself, but just a suggestion as a reader, maybe provide more information about your qualifications to support your veiws. In my opinion it was rather bias.

  3. I sleep with a real doctor every night, but I’m a man of science, I’ve worked in a real research lab, I’ve studied it in school.

    I don’t need to be an MD to be able to tell what a quack is, a quack is a quack. There is a reason people who “study” these newage things aren’t licensed by the government to prescribe medications, because they aren’t real doctors, they don’t really study science, or medicine, or the human body. They live on spirituality, on anecdotes, and wouldn’t know the scientific method if it slapped them in the face.

    Which is why they’ll say things like “It has a chlorine atom in it, so it is bad.” Which is utterly ridiculous.

    In anycase all of the facts I’ve presented were gathered by real scientists in real research labs.

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