My Favorite Buns

Brownberry Whole Wheat BunsNo, this post isn’t about what Catherine Zeta-Jones did in Entrapment, it is actually about my favorite brand of hamburger or sandwich buns.

These buns are relatively hard to find. In the two grocery stores where I regularly shop, the smaller one (only slightly smaller, still a big honking store) doesn’t carry them, only the slightly larger one does. They’re worth the little extra drive though.

When you’re eating a sandwich you need a bread product, otherwise it is not a sandwich, and there is no way around the calories in bread. Even the healthiest breads have calories. So, as per my nutritional philosophy, your goal should be to make sure those calories provide as much nutritional value as possible, and aren’t just empty calories like you get from white bread.

So, for this application I like Brownberry Speciality Whole Grain Sandwich Buns. These aren’t the Brownberry Whole Wheat buns in the red bag, these are a different type of whole grain bun by the same company.

There is whole wheat flour and high protein soy flour in these buns. That gives them a whopping 10 grams of protein per bun. That is huge for a bread product. You could take one of these buns, put it in a toaster, spread a little butter on it, and have a healthier breakfast (or other meal) than what a protein bar can provide. Buttered toast is a healthy option is the bread is this fine product.

The protein also provides structure to the bun. I absolutely hate it when I make a burger and the store bought bun (which is soft and squishy and full of preservatives to keep it soft and squishy) crumbled under the weight of the burger. These buns are heavy, strong, and can stand up to whatever burger you throw at them. So not only is it better for you, but it makes an easier eating experience.

Each bun also contains 5g of fiber, which according to the USDA is 20% of your daily needs, so that’s not bad either. Calories are a very modest 170 per bun, which is pretty low for a bread product.

Then of course, with all the complex ingredients and protein in the buns they’ll keep your fuller longer, on less calories, and more nutrition. All around they’re just a better option.

It is just my wife and I at home, and at 8 buns to a package we can’t use them quickly enough before they go bad, so I keep them in the refridgerator, it makes them last a couple weeks.

So how do they taste? Fine, good, no complaints from me. I’m to the point though where I don’t necessary prefer white bread in taste to whole grain bread. My carb starved stomach likes them both, they’re just different from each other.

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